– Nationalise the banks through a single National People’s Bank, empowered to issue its own debt-free money.

– Tax the rich not the poor.
– End massive tax avoidance by the rich.
– Tax all stock exchange transactions and abolish hedge funds.
– Replace Council Tax with a progressive, local income tax.
– Save billions by eliminating tax loopholes for the rich.
– Increase the tax-free income threshold for the low-paid to £15,000.
– Support local farming and agriculture: tax imports of basic foods from countries
that need it to feed their own populations.
– Replace state benefits with a permanent, minimum LIVING WAGE for all. 

– Abolish all pay differences based solely on profession or position.

Why should a greedy, self-interested bank director or business consultant earn more in one month, one week or even one day than a selflessly dedicated teacher, social worker or nurse earns in a year?

In today’s world a Beethoven, Van Gogh or Einstein would be on the dole.

– Distinguish between work and ’employment’ – wage-slavery                                                                                                                                      – Redefine ‘employment’ as work that genuinely employs an individuals full potentials.
– Break the imaginary link between high earnings and value to society.
– Base pay differences only on SOCIAL value and QUALITY of work                                                                                                                         – Establish maximum pay differentials and earnings ratios.
– Cap individual wealth and capital and stop its export.

– Ban imports produced by slave-like exploitation of child or adult labour.
– Internationalise unions in support of greater pay and rights for workers in developing countries.
– Stop exploitation of migrant labour being used to bring down pay and ‘divide and rule’.  

– Fix maximum rents and rent rises at affordable levels.
– Make affordable and decent housing a basic social right for all.
– Build low-cost houses and housing complexes with their own off-grid ‘green’ energy sources.
– Tax and cap advertising expenditure by large companies and use it to lower consumer prices and increase prices paid to suppliers.
– Force private banks to set aside funds for low-interest loans to small and medium size businesses.
– Free small and medium size businesses from quarterly corporation tax demands by redefining business size in terms number of employees and not turnover.
– Don’t punish businesses, penalise them for employing more people or put pressure on them to casualise employment or reduce pay through monthly employers’ National Insurance contributions.
– Abolish business taxes on ‘benefits in kind’ such as canteens, coffees, and health insurance payments.
– Tax all dividend income and remunerate all corporate directors through the PAYE system and not through shares, dividends and bonuses.

Real democracy is ECONOMIC democracy – WORKPLACE DEMOCRACY – not choosing puppet politicians for banks, corporations and other wealthy interest groups.

– Let workers in large companies hire and fire their own bosses – not the other way round!
– Establish worker participation in business decision-taking through elected worker-management councils in all medium- and large-scale private enterprises and all public sector institutions.
– Give corporate works councils power over shareholder interests.
– Democratise and diversify company structure through encouragement of cooperative
– Break the link between parties, Members of Parliament and commercial or financial
interest groups or individuals.
– Extend democracy beyond Parliament to embrace councils made up of unions, consumer and environmental interest groups, charities, voluntary organisations and local citizens and businesses.
– Abolish the House of Lords and replace it with an elected body drawn from trained works council representatives from both the private and public sector, including educational, health, policing, voluntary and social work institutions.
– Disallow appointment of ministers without the knowledge, experience and expertise necessary to run specific ministries or departments.
– Break-up Murdoch-style corporate press and media monopolies and create media space for real freedom of speech.
– State funding for all political parties – no more buying of parties and votes by corporate or foreign interest groups.
– Devolve power to local governments run by works councils.
– Introduce internet polls on all important issues and spending priorities relevant to both local and national government.
– Stop general hospitals becoming places where people get ill. Build small-scale local hospitals, A&E centres and specialist treatment clinics.
-Stop the NHS being ripped off by profiteering pharmaceutical giants.
– Ban the prescription of pharmaceteutical drugs that  lead to addiction, brain-damage, chronic illness, suicide or death.
– Ban the prescription of psychiatric drugs such as Ritalin to alter child behaviour.
– Go tidal. Invest in the British Isle’s BIGGEST natural energy resource – tidal power from the sea.
– Create dedicated educational and cultural TV channels, and use both internet and TV to provide dedicated media for free vocational training.
– Teach both meditation and communication skills in all schools.
– Ban all advertising for alcohol.
– Ban all advertising that attaches basic human values like ‘freedom’ to branded consumer products such as cars or tampons, and imply that purely material products such a spirits or mobile phones) can deepen our connection with others or add to our SPIRITUAL quality of life.
– Oppose crude English racists and ethnicists. What they call our ‘native’ population (Angles, Saxons, Jutes etc.) were all originally what we would now call ‘economic migrants’ from the European Continent or Nordic countries.
– Ban arms sales to corrupt ‘allied’ regimes such as Saudi Arabia.
– No more spending on Trident submarines or useless aircraft carriers.
-Dismantle all nuclear weapons.
– Promote the international criminalisation of war and prosecute war criminals in this country, whatever their political rank or status.
– Break diplomatic relations with all regimes guilty of torture, war crimes or oppression of women.
– Withdraw British troops from Afghanistan and elsewhere.
– Stop wasting money and lives on counter-productive wars in foreign continents which cause countless civilian casualties.
– Divert military expenditure to tackling the real causes of war: poverty, illiteracy, oppression and economic exploitation.
– Attack the real causes of terrorism: British-American support for Israeli military terrorism, expansionism and oppression of Palestinians.

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