Revolutionary change requires raising awareness and resisting the international ruling financial elite on seven fronts – the political, the economic, the medical, the scientific, the cultural, the ethnic-racial and the spiritual or religious-philosophical front. This requires a campaign of ‘Education in Awareness’ on all these fronts  – and with it the cultivation of a new awareness-based politics, economics, medicine, science and spirituality.

On the political front – exposing the agents of the international banking, financial and monetary serving cabals such as Bilderberg Group.

On the economic front – educating and empowering the people in their fight against the international banking and monetary system.

On the medical front – educating people about the sickness-inducing and sickness-maintaining effects of so-called ‘scientific’ medicine. (See ‘Sickness-Generating Capitalism and Money-Driven Medicine’)

On the scientific front – challenging the foundations of modern ‘science’ itself, which seeks to explain all truly ‘empirical’ phenomena i.e. all  tangible sensory and qualitative dimensions of our experience of the world – as a product of nothing but theoretical constructs and taking the form of abstract and intangible quantities – whether in the form of statistical data or so-called energetic  ‘quanta’.  This requires the evolution and refinement of a new and truly empirical science of actually experienced phenomena – in other words what is called ‘phenomenological’ or ‘subjective’ science i.e. a  science of subjectivity and of our lived subjective experience of the world  – rather than an ‘objectivist’ science which reduces conscious experiencing to a property of supposedly insentient ‘objects’. (see )

On the cultural front – rejecting totalitarian media disinformation and a totally dumbed-down capitalist ‘circus culture’ which serves to narrow the awareness and interest of the people to the superficial celebrity and sports news, to ignore the fate of the world and to replace the rich and deep cultural traditions of all nations with a superificial international and secular ‘McCulture’. Only in this culture can children grow up without ever being introduced to philosophy, without having heard a Beethoven symphony, read the great poets, seen a Shakespeare play or Wagner opera   – and in which 50% of all Americans have not read a single book.

On the ethnic-racial front – recognising that by its very nature the awareness of a specific cultural,  individual, ethnic, racial-biological or religious identity transcends that identity – whilst at the same time embracing and finding creative expression in all such identities.  

On the spiritual-religious and philosophical front – the evolution and refinement of a new understanding of the fundamental nature of reality, one which recognises all beings and all things as individualised portions, expressions and embodiments of a universal awareness – one that is no mere property or ‘object’ of an individual ‘ego’, ‘I’ or ‘subject’. Along with this goes the recognition that ‘God’ is not some sort of supreme being that happens to ‘have’  or ‘possesses’ awareness. Instead God IS Awareness. This not an awareness that is ‘yours’ or ‘mine’ – the private property of individual beings or a mere product of their bodies or brains, but one that is the metaphysical source of all beings and all bodies – and the very essence of the Divine. (see )

[Extract from ‘Britain’s True Rulers – the Bilderberg Group and its Global Agenda’]

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