On the missing economic dimension of the ‘4th Political Theory’ and Eurasianism.
Questions I have put to Aleksandr Dugin:
Isn’t it dangerous to focus too much on the geopolitical power of America as a nation and empire – when the real enemy of all nations, including America,  is the big international banks – who not only control the America itself but have even greater global and geopolitical power. This is because private banks now they create and control the money supply of almost all nations – most of which is now 97% electronic money, created by the banks from nothing – and as debt? Thus every dollar currently printed is a dollar owed to the private banking cartel that is the Federal Reserve.
Isn’t ending the privatisation of money creation also the basis for a new type of National and Monetary-based Marxism  – one that best fits our present era of unregulated finance capitalism – since nationalising electronic money creation is the only thing that would allow each nation to create and invest its own debt- and interest-free money in the interests of the people  – rather than taking it from the people and giving it to the banks?
Without keeping this basic economic dimension in sight isn’t there a danger of losing sight of the real geopolitical enemy – the covert power of the international banks – even in the BRIC countries and those Eurasia – since even these countries (including Russia) still believe they may need to borrow money from the international banks if their economies fail?

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