Posted: February 2, 2013 in Uncategorized
Today the entire mainstream media and all political parties and their leaders go along with the ‘Big Lie’ that public spending cuts and other ‘austerity’ measures are needed to reduce the ‘national deficit’ and ‘national debt’ – when in reality there would be no such debt in the first place if the right of national governments to create and issue money had not been handed to the global banks – putting 97% of the nation’s money in their hands – for only 3% of all money today taking the form of paper money and coins printed and minted by the state, whereas 97% of takes the form of electronic money in the hands of the banks.
The aim of the National People’s Party in the U.K. is an old one – is  to delink nationalism with racism of any sort and say (again) what it’s true meaning is should be i.e. to free nations and their peoples from debt-slavery to a global banking mafia and their puppet press, parties, and politicians. To to this however, means re-asserting the sovereign right of nations to finance public spending with money created and issued directly by that state – rather than borrowed at interest from the global banks.
It is simply not good enough do to as both Labour and old-Left Trotskyist or socialist type parties are doing unsucessfully – fighting cuts in public spending – without explaining why there is in reality no reason for them, and not recognising that renationalisation of money is the only policy that would make such cuts unnecessary – eliminating austerity and poverty not only this country but worldwide.
That is why there is an urgent need in this country for a ‘UKIP of the Left’  – united around a single issue – but only if those on both the Left and Right finally come to see what that central policy issue is and should be – the need for a re-nationalistion of money creation – something which so far only liberal British pressure groups like Positive Money or the Public Banking movement in America have done. 
This solution to national economic problems and national ‘debt’ – i.e. debt to the international banks – whilst very simple in principle – never gets a single mention in the media. It is also more abstract for a lot of people to get their heads round – whereas seeing more immigrants coming in from Europe or mosques sprouting up is not.
So it is no surprise that recently a far-right grouping calling itself the ‘British Resistance’ has now also launched a so-called ‘National People’s Party’ – on a racist and anti-immigrant platform. Such hijacking of ‘nationalism’ (and of the very word ‘national’) by racist movements and parties is a very old story  – going back to the interwar years in Germany. For it was then that – with the full support and encouragement of the World Zionist Organisation – the Nazi Party used blanket anti-Semitism to divert attention from the real enemy, i.e. the Big Banks, Jewish and non-Jewish.
Therefore another important aim of the National People’s Party in the U.K. is to subvert and undermine national racist movements of any sort which disguise themselves as national socialist movements. This is something that many dissident members of both nationalist, communist, social nationalist party sought to do in Germany – including many members of Hitler’s so-called German National Socialist Party – resulting in the creation of ‘National Bolshevism’.
Without the solution offered by the National People’s Party in the U,K. – by social-monetary nationalism and national bolshevism – both Right and Left will end up as in Greece: facing the steady rise of new far-right racist and Nazi parties like ‘The Golden Dawn’ – who pin all the blame for all economic woes on foreigners and immigrants rather than the global banks.

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